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MitraX is Live Linux distribution based on Slackware Linux which can be booted from CD. With its size of 50MB MitraX can be stored on business-card CD and carried anywhere.

MitraX is mainly intended to be used by system and network administrators but it can be easily used by anyone else. You don't need any experiance with Linux in order to use it - all important programs have graphic interface.



With MitraX you can:

  • edit text and documents with data sheets

  • view and edit pictures

  • work with vector graphics

  • surf the Internet

  • check security and functionality of entire computer network

  • listen music and watch movies

  • print documents

Also, you can change or delete forgotten password on Windows operating systems or even BIOS. CD contains programs which enable safely hard disk partitioning, provide detailed informations about your system and much more.



  • bootable CD-ROM drive

  • hard disk is not needed

  • at least 96 MB RAM for graphic environment and completely caching MitraX into memory

  • Intel-compatible CPU (Pentium or later)

Mitrax Linux is published under GNU GPL licence .

MitraX and the MitraX logo are registered trademarks.

They can only be used with MitraX Linux or any of its derivatives.

Some included applications are:


  • GIMP - image manipulation

  • GqView - image preview

  • InkScape - SVG editor

  • screenshot

  • colorpicker


  • AbiWord - word processor

  • BlueFish - the best free HTML and programming editor

  • GnuMeric - spreadsheet editor

  • GCalcTool - graphical calculator

  • gv - a PDF and PostScript viewer


  • Opera - browser and e-mail client

  • Apache - web server

  • Dillo - browser

  • vsftpd - secure FTP server

  • gfpd - graphical FTP client

  • gitmail - anonymous e-mail sending

  • Xmail - mail server

  • traceroute - Internet traffic supervisor


  • NMap - network exploration tool and security scanner

  • AirSnort - a tool for checking wireless security

  • HydraGTK - a tool for checking network computer password reliability

  • Gspoof - working with TCP/IP packets

  • Ettercap - a multipurpose sniffer over switched LANs

  • LinNeighborhood - Samba client

  • telnet and SSH

  • TSClient - Terminal Server Client


  • Mplayer - video and audio player

  • Simple CDR-X - CD and DVD media burning and music ripping


  • chess, xskate, Ltris, GnoMine and much more funny programs (xsnow, rubix, xeyes...)


  • Volkov Commander - file manager

  • Aida16 - provides detailed information about your system

  • spfdisk - a partitioning tool

  • WipeCMOS - BIOS and BIOS password resetting

  • rawrite - floppy disk copying

  • MBRwork - Master Boot Record editor

  • support for USB, CD-ROM drives, long file name ...


  • john the ripper - a tool for checking Windows and Linux password reliability

  • shred - irreversible file deleting

  • hdparm - hard disk parameters configuration