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"MitraX is published under the terms of GNU GPL. It's FREE. Yes, it's gratuitous. There is no registration, there is no serial key. However, please show your support with a voluntary donation. Welcome to the open source world!"


*Why have you called this distribution MitraX?

   - My surname is Mitrovic, hence my nickname is Mitra. Simply, Mitra+Linux=MitraX! It's just contingency that it is anagram from Matrix. Or maybe it's not?!


* I've download MitraX.iso. How can I burn it on CD?

   - It's not enough just to burn it on CD. You have to choose option "burn image". Every tool for CD and DVD media burning has it.


* My CD-ROM can't boot. Why?

   - Enter BIOS and change boot device priority. Set your CD-ROM as the first boot device.

Save settings and exit.


* How to install MitraX on Hard drive?

   - First, unmount partition where you want to install MitraX "umount /dev/hd??".

Then run command "install_hdd hd??" and that's it all.

MitraX creates lilo.conf automatically and installs lilo to MBR, putting all founded operating systems in the boot menu.


* I've forgotten password on Windows. How can I change or delete it?

   - On the boot menu enter win_pass. You will be asked where registry files are (SAM, USER, ...). Answers will be offered. Then choose user which password you want to change or delete. Enter new password or delete old (recommended), answer affirmative and reboot computer.


* I have file with "hash" of my Windows system containing password or passwd (shadow) file from Linux (Unix). How can I find passwords?

   - MitraX contains a tool named "john the ripper". Enter "john password_file_name" and all you can do now is to wait. I warn you, it takes a lot of time depend of complexity of password.


* I've forgotten BIOS password. What should I do?

   - Boot FreeDOS, find WipeCMOS located on CD in dosutils folder and start it. Try "s" option and now you can enter BIOS.


* MitraX can't boot in graphic mode on my old system. What can I do?

   - Start MitraX in text mode, with e3vi editor open file /etc/xorg.conf and change parameters for your screen (depth, resolution or refrash rate). Then, enter "init 4", to start MitraX with X.


* How can I irreversibly delete contets of partition?

   - If your partition is located at the first place on HD, type "shred -n 4 -z -v /dev/hda1".


* How can I mount USB drive?

   - In emelfm (file manager) click on usb button located at the bottom. In folder /mnt you can see new folder sda?, which is your USB drive.

In textual mode first create directory egz. "mkdir /mnt/usb", then mount your USB drive egz. "mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/usb".


* FreeDOS can't recognize my USB Flash drive?

   - Yes, it can! While booting FreeDOS recognizes USB keyboard and mouse if you have it. In order to recognize USB drive, choose from menu USB support, then configure and enable support for USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 controller.


* MitraX can't recognize my sound card and some other parts of my system?

   - Ok. Let's clear something! I've had idea to create 50 MB big (or small?) operating system. It can't contain all of drivers. You have misfortune having too old or great fortune having extra new part on your system (in that case I am jealous).


* Well, I don't know. I thing that MitraX can be much better?

   - I can't believe! I have no money, I have no time, I have nobody to help me! Do you understand? If you think that ONE man can create something better do it yourself $&*#&@!

Ok, ok, I am restful. You can give some more constructively suggestions at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or you can support project.